Pack Newsletter – May 2017

April was a great month! Our Cubmaster Jeff Patrick once again made magic happen and got us some world expert boomerangs throwers! The boomerangs were a hit and I hope you are all having fun at the park practicing your boomerang throws! We also had great turnout to help pull blackberries at the Bridle Trails Earth Day event and a big thanks to Jeff Nelson for getting us organized with the Bridle Trails Park Stewards.

April was a great month! Our Cubmaster Jeff Patrick once again made magic happen and got us some world expert boomerangs throwers! The boomerangs were a hit and I hope you are all having fun at the park practicing your boomerang throws! We also had great turnout to help pull blackberries at the Bridle Trails Earth Day event and a big thanks to Jeff Nelson for getting us organized with the Bridle Trails Park Stewards.

May is the start of our Spring Recruitment. Invite a friend to our pack meeting or rocket launch! My son joined after watching the rocket launch – watching a rocket launch into the air is pretty exciting, but even better is hitting that blast off button to launch your own rocket into the air! If your scout recruits a friend, let us know and he will receive a recruitment segment for his uniform.

This is your last chance to pay for those upcoming camping opportunities! 

Bring your check to the pack meeting written out to Pack 428 and get it to our great treasurer Mark Nelson!

May 19-21- SIGN UP: Tolt MacDonald Camp Out!  – $35 per family. Finish those badges!!
July 27-30 – SIGN UP: Residence Camp at Camp Edwards – $250 per scout, $165 per adult. 4 full days of meals and activities including pirates, songs and a relay race!
June 23-25 – SIGN UP: Bowman Bay Family Camp – $75 per family. Summer fun starts in the San Juan Islands!

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Pack Meeting: Rocket Building Workshop

Wednesday, May 17, 7-8pm Rose Hill Elementary
Spring Recruitment!

**This is the final day to register and pay for summer camps!!
 Need a scholarship?  If the fees are a hardship for your family, please contact Gina Rose.

It is time to build our rockets in anticipation of our yearly Rocket Launch at 60 Acres Field. Our Rocket Launch date is Sunday, May 28nd beginning at 5:00pm with an optional family picnic, and rockets blasting off soon after.  Rockets and building supplies will be provided for each registered Cub Scout.  We have a limited supply of extra rockets for siblings who would like to participate.  They can be purchased at the Pack Meeting for $13, while supplies last (one rocket per person, please).  This fee also includes engines for 3 launches at the subsequent rocket launch outing.

If you have to miss our rocket building workshop please be sure to make arrangements with your den leader to pick up your rocket and build it before the big day!  Keep in mind you will need approximately 30 minutes to construct the rocket at home, plus allow plenty of time on top of that for the glue to dry before the launch date.

Recruiting Opportunity! Bring your friends, younger siblings and anyone who will be entering Kindergarten or 1st grade next year! Invite a friend to build a rocket and come to the rocket launch!  We are ready to start recruiting for next year’s Lions and Tigers! The summer activities are fun and low key, a great opportunity to start to make new friends and get a jump start on the rank requirements for next year!

May Pack Outing: Tolt MacDonald Spring Camp Out!

Friday, 4pm to Sunday 11am, May 19-21
31020 NE 40th St, Carnation, WA 98014

Cost is $35 per family whether staying for one night or two nights! Please be prepared for rain as these spring campouts can often be wet! Either wet or dry, cub scouts have fun!

SIGN UP: Tolt MacDonald Camp Out!  – $35 per family. Finish those badges!!

Most of the activities for this event will be divided by dens. Families are responsible for their own meals unless there is a planned meal that is required for rank. Please discuss within your den.

Each den is responsible to create their own schedule to meet their rank camping requirements.  Suggested activities will very per rank requirement, however hiking, nature observation, cooking over the campfire, whittling, lashings, first aid, are all possibilities.

The Pack will host a campfire program on Saturday evening after dinner where dens can perform skits and songs.  This is always a favorite time with the scouts and we always find some hidden talent!  We finish off the evening by feasting on s’mores!

You can stay for one night, two nights, or come for the day on Saturday – depending on the requirements your scouts need to fulfill!

This is the last camping opportunity before our Crossover on June 7th.

Pack Outing: Rocket Launch and Picnic

Sunday, May 28th 5-8pm at 60 Acres Park in Redmond
Picnic begins at 5:00pm and rockets fly at 5:30pm 

Don’t miss the always popular Annual Pack Rocket Launch!!!

Because of the dangers inherent with young children and flying rockets – rockets are launched in a controlled – but still very fun – environment.  After scouts load the rockets with engines and fuses, they will take them to the launching area and hand them off to an adult who will set the rockets on their launch base.  The scouts will then stand a safe distance away at their rocket’s launch station.  After the countdown, each scout presses their launch button and watches their rocket fly high in the air.  Next, the scouts are released into the field to retrieve their rocket (tip:  have your scout decorate his rocket and put his name on it – it helps when recovering the rocket from the field).

Rockets will start flying at 5:30.   Please have your rockets assembled and ready.  Our Rocket Launch Coordinators, will be organizing volunteers on-site for loading rockets, launching and light repair.  We will keep launching until the scouts in attendance have used up the engines – if all goes as planned, each scout will be able to launch their rocket 3 times.  Make sure to arrive on time (or close to it) so you don’t miss out on the fun“ if you’re too late, the launching crew may be packing up and you may miss out on your launch opportunity.

Safety Considerations

Due to safety and liability issues, rockets can only be launched from the designated launch area under the supervision of The Rocket Launch Coordinators and their designated volunteers.  No one attending our Pack Outing will be allowed to launch rockets outside of the designated launch area.

Optional Family Picnic

We will be having an optional family picnic @ 5:00.  Bring dinner for your family and enjoy a picnic with the pack.  Bring a dessert or side to share if you can.

Extra Things to Consider

  • The rockets fly high, and wind conditions can vary dramatically.  Each scout will have the opportunity to launch their rocket as many as three times, but please prepare your scout for the possibility that their rocket may get carried away by the wind and may not be recovered if it falls way beyond the fields or lands in dense brush surrounding the fields.
  • Please know that the rockets take about 30 minutes to build and require additional time for the glue to dry thoroughly.  If you didn’t build your rocket at the Pack Meeting, make sure to pick up your rocket from your den leader and give yourself plenty of time for fun, stress-free building.
  • The kids should wear sturdy shoes that can get muddy.  They will be running around the field collecting their rockets after they are launched.  It can also get fairly windy and chilly on the field in the evening, so bring some extra layers of warmth for yourselves and the kids.  Hopefully we will have a repeat of last year’s sunny weather.

 Directions to Sixty Acres Park

Sixty Acres Park is located on NE 116th Street between Willows Road and 154th Pl NE, Redmond WA 98052.   From Redmond Way, turn north onto Willows Road, then turn right (east) onto NE 116th Street.

What if it rains??

**Rockets cannot fly in the rain or in high wind, therefore, if we must reschedule this event due to bad weather you will hear from me by email by 4pm on Sunday.  We will wait till the last minute possible to call it off as you never know what the weather will do here in the Pacific Northwest.  Please be patient and wait to hear from us.  If you cannot access your email, please call your den leaders for clarification.


Please contact Gina Rose

Final Date for Leaders to Turn in Advancement & Award Info: May 31st!

Parents, this is important for you to read, too . . .

 Our June Picnic & Awards Ceremony will be here before you know it – on Wednesday, June 7th!  Den Leaders need to turn in their award requests to Christi Higa by May 31st in order to guarantee enough time to get all the awards ordered for presentation to the scouts at the June 7th Awards Ceremony.

Parents, please help us by taking the time now to review advancements with your scouts and den leaders, and plan accordingly to get everything done in a timely manner.  As a friendly reminder, scouts can only earn rank badges (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos) during the corresponding rank year – so please don’t miss out on the opportunity for your scout to earn these badges of honor.  Also, for new scouts, the Bobcat Badge must be earned

Thank you all for your commitment to the scouting program – we understand that it takes as much work on the part of the parents as it does the boys.  Your dedication will pay off throughout the life of your scout in more ways than you now realize!

June Pack Meeting: Pack Picnic & Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, June 7th at 6:00pm
Grasslawn Park in Redmond, Domed Picnic Shelter

***Needed: two people to man the grill!  Please email Gina Rose if you can flip burgers for us!

 Come celebrate the achievements of our scouts at our end-of-the-year picnic! Charge your camera batteries to catch the moment when your scout is awarded his final patches of the year and receives his book, neckerchief, and slide for next year.

What’s for Dinner?

The picnic dinner is a blend of items provided by the Pack and pot-luck contributions from the families. Here are the assignments.

Pack: Hamburgers, veggie burgers, cheese, hot dogs, buns, water, juice boxes, desserts, and service items (paper plates, napkins, forks, spoons, knives)

Tigers:  Condiments (please coordinate amongst yourselves who is bringing what: ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce)

Wolves:  Side dishes – such as potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, green salad, baked beans

Bears:  Cut up fruit & veggies – such as watermelon, grapes, oranges, carrots, cucumber slices

Webelos:  Chips & dips

Any new Lions or Tigers out there?

If you have a Lion or Tiger Scout ready to join the Pack be sure to let us know ASAP!  We would love to introduce them at the Picnic and give them their book and neckerchief.

Summer Activities

Summer is just around the corner and we are starting to think about fun summer outings. If you have any ideas or are interested in leading an activity please let us know! On the radar so far this summer is a hike to Melakwa Lake via Denny Creek, a bike ride down the Iron Horse Trail from Snoqualmie Pass through the 2.2 mile old Snoqualmie tunnel, a Sounders Game, and a pool party at the Strattonwood Neighborhood Pool.

Pack 428 2016-2017 Calendar

Below are the currently scheduled pack events.  Changes from month to month will be marked with an asterisk * and highlighted in RED. We still have many events without a volunteer to help organize. Please contact me if you are interested!

May 2017
17        Pack Meeting 7:00pm-8:00pm:  Awards Presentation and Rocket Building Workshop
19-21   Pack Campout: Tolt MacDonald Park
22        Leader/Committee Meeting @ Lake Washington United Methodist Church, Rm 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm
28        Pack Outing:  Rocket Launch and Optional Picnic at 60 Acres Park

June 2017
7         Pack Meeting:  Picnic & Awards Ceremony
23-25  Family Camp: Bowman Bay at Deception Pass State Park – Need Volunteer Organizer

July 2017
–          No Leader Meeting in July
–          Pack Meeting: No Pack Meeting in August
10-13  Cub Scouts Day Camp Cubs at Sea, Hans Jensen State Park
27-30  Pack Outing:  Camp Edward Residence Camp in July or August – Need Volunteer Organizer

August 2017
–          Pack Meeting:  No Pack Meeting in August
TBD    Pack Outing: Hike to Melakwa Falls via Denny Creek
TBD    Pack Outing: Iron Horse Trail Bike Ride
5**      Pack Outing:  Swimming @ Strattonwood Pool 10am-12pm
28       Leader/Committee Meeting @ Lake Washington United Methodist Church, Rm 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm

September 2017
22-24  Pack Campout at Renton Lions Youth Camp in Renton, WA