Mythical Creatures at the White River Valley Museum

January Overnight Option: White River Valley Museum
Friday, January 26 at 7PM to Saturday, January 27 at 8AM
Mythical Creatures at the White River Valley Museum

Have you ever spent the night at a museum?  I’ve wanted to spend the night at a museum ever since I saw the movie back in the 1990’s (hmmm. . . maybe this is the time to introduce the kids to an old classic!). Well, now’s your chance! 

At this overnight, kids will go on a private tour of the museum and learn about the history of the region. The theme of the night will be Mystical Creatures where the scouts will explore mysterious and mythical creatures that shape the culture of the region (think Sasquatch) with games, scavenger hunts and crafts.

White River Valley Museum Signup

All scouts are invited with a parent or guardian accompanying, unless previous arrangements have been made with an attending den leader. Siblings are welcome, but must be 6 years of age or older.

Cost is $20 per family. We do need an exact count so all attendees must be signed up. Please make checks payable to Pack 428.

 What’s Included?

  • One Professional Museum Educator to lead the entirety of the event.
  • 4 – 6 activities including crafts, scavenger hunts, games and a flashlight tour of the museum’s collection storage.
  • Movie screening will be Shrek 2 or another appropriately themed film.
  • Popcorn, fruit snacks and juice box in the evening and cereal bars and go-gurt in the morning.


  • Program begins at 7pm with pack-out by 8am the next morning.
  • Everyone should arrive in their pajamas and have already eaten dinner.
  • Sleeping facility is our classroom and scouts and leaders must provide their own supplies.  There is only space for sleeping bags and pillows for kids and twin size inflatable beds for adults.
  • Please do not bring: large comforters, large backpacks, games, flashlights, light-up toys, electronics etc. We will have plenty of activities planned and there will be no space for storage of these items.
  • We do not allow ANY glow products in the Museum. If broken their contents can harm our artifacts!
  • If you scout cannot eat the snacks we provide please send them with an alternate.