Pack Newsletter – February 2018

This one is long, so I apologize and will get right to it!

Happy Birthday to Scouting! This is the month we celebrate scouting with our annual Blue and Gold dinner. But at the same time, we say goodbye to several of our families and leaders as our Webelo II boys crossover to Boy Scouts. To the wonderful families leaving us, we thank you so much for your many years of service to our pack and we thank you for allowing us to watch your boys grow and be an inspiration to the younger boys in our pack. It is difficult to believe they were the excited young tigers wearing oversized scout shirts just 4 years ago. Jeff Patrick, Terra Patick, David and Diana Williams, Rodney and Colleen Rutherford, we cannot thank you enough!

Scoutbook: Please make sure you are logging your scouts’ progress in . This will greatly help your den leader get awards to the boys in a timely fashion. Once you have logged completion of an award, your den leader will sign off on it and your scout will receive the award at the next pack meeting. Our goal is to have the boys achieve the next rank by the June end of year picnic celebration. If you have trouble logging in and need a new invitation to scoutbook, please contact Christi Higa.

Scout Sunday: Our host church, the Lake Washington United Methodist Church has invited our pack to celebrate Scout Sunday on February 11 during Sunday Service. Any scouts wishing to participate should wear their uniforms. They can expect to help greet at the door, participate in the liturgy, pass out bulletins, etc.  If interested, families should contact Donna Mansfield at 425-346-4315.

Girls in Scouts: As many of you may have heard, girl dens are now welcome in cub scouts. The district recommends starting with siblings as we slowly enter new territory. If you have a daughter interested in joining cub scouts, please reach out to Gina Rose and we can work out a plan.

February Pack Outing: Snow!

Hyak Sledding Hill

Saturday, February 10 9:00am-11:00am (NEW DATE!!)

Sledding SignUp

Pack 428 is headed to the mountains! Let’s all go and have some fun sledding at the Hyak Tubing Hill!

This groomed sledding hill located off of I-90 exit 54, nearSnoqualmie East, Hyak is a Washington State Parks snow play area, and is not affiliated with the Summit atSnoqualmie ski resort. The area is groomed up to five times a week (depending on conditions) but is not supervised by rangers or snow patrol. You can also go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on the groomed trail. Tip: The parking lot can fill up. Go early or late in the day to avoid crowds.

Directions: Take Exit 54 off I-90 past the summit. Follow signs to the John Wayne Trail, just off to the right. This is the same parking lot as we start our Iron Horse Trail bicycle ride!

Fee: No admission fee, but you’ll need to have a daily Sno-Park permit for your car and a daily or annual Discover Pass; OR a Seasonal Sno Park Permit plus Special Groomed Trails Permit sticker, without Discover Pass. ; there is an electronic pay station where you can buy one-day Sno-Park or Discover Pass permits. Bathrooms are the only onsite amenity. Note: This Sno-Park gets VERY crowded; go early or late to avoid peak times.

What to Bring: This is a bring your own sled orinnertube park. It is just a hill that is groomed for sledding! The kids will have to climb with their sleds or innertubes, so expect some very tired and happy scouts after a couple hours of sledding. The pack will provide hot cocoa and a light snack/granola bar at the end of the event. Let’s have some fun!

Pack Meeting: Blue and Gold Dinner 

Friday, February 23rd 6pm to 8pm at LW United Methodist Church

Webelo II’s Crossover Ceremony

 Abracadabra! – This year’s theme is magic…

Expect us to have a few tricks up our sleeve in addition to a few songs and a couple skits that the Wolf Den is preparing for us!

Sign Up: Blue and Gold Dinner

 *The Blue and Gold Dinner is in place of our monthly pack meeting!  Please note date and location are different than usual.

 We need many volunteers to make our Blue and Gold a success!

Volunteers: Blue and Gold

 The Blue & Gold Dinner celebrates the birthday of scouting and gives us an opportunity to give back to this wonderful organization.  Please mark your calendars to attend this special event.  We will enjoy a meal provided by Kai Higa and then we will celebrate the Crossover Ceremony of our Webelo 2 scouts as they move on to become Boy Scouts!  This is a very meaningful night, recognizing the hard work of our Webelos 2 scouts and their leaders.  Please make every effort to attend!

February is the BSA “Friends of Scouting” Campaign

Consider Donating to Scouting

The Blue and Gold Event is a fundraiser for Friends of Scouting. The suggested donation is $50 – $100 per family which goes to Scouting at the district and national level to help pay for maintenance of camps and developing new programs.

Please bring your check made out to Seattle Council, BSA or donate online at To correctly route your online donation, please click Sammamish Trails District and Pack 428.


Wednesday, March 21st 6:30pm to 8pm at Rose Hill Elementary

It is time to get those cars shaped, shined and ready for racing! Any scouts who have not yet received their car, please let me know and we will make sure to get one to you!

This event is one of the highlights of the year! There are rules for the pinewood derby. They are listed below. For your convenience, they are also on our website

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Deinhard.

Back again to the event this year…LEGO cars! David Williams made us many wheeled bases in which LEGO’s can be added to create a competitive car. This is a great opportunity for scouts to invite a friend who is interested in scouting and that friend can build a Lego car before the race and participate. The Lego built cars will be a non-award category and inspection will be kind of relaxed, but what a fun way for non-scouts or siblings to easily participate in this event. As a warning, the LEGO built cars will need to be returned at the end of the event.Invite your friends! 

Pack 428 Pinewood Derby Rules (2018)


1.      The inspectors have the right to disqualify those cars that do not meet these specifications and for any other reason that constitutes foul play.

2.     All cars must pass inspection by the official inspection committee before it will be allowed to compete.

3.     All cars must have been made during the current scouting year from the official Cub Scout derby kit.

4.     Wheel axles may be lubricated with dry lubricant only! No oily substances are allowed.

5.     Post-race inspections may be conducted on all wining cars. This may include removing one or more of the wheels to inspect for illegal axle modifications.

Body Specifications:

1.      Width.

·       The overall width of the car shall not exceed 2 ¾ inches.

2.     Length.

·       The overall length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

3.     Weight.

·       The weight of the car shall not exceed (5 ounces / 142 grams). No loose materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car. The car may be hollowed out and built up to the maximum weight by the addition of wood or metal only, provided any such additional material is securely built into the body. Weight should be screwed, or glued on. They cannot be taped on, if additional weight is needed at checking you must use glue or some other permanent means of attachment.

4.     Details.

·       Details such as the steering wheel, driver, decals, painting and interior detail are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications.

5.     Wheel Clearance.

·       The clearance between the wheels must be 1-¾ inches for both axels.

6.     Track Clearance.

·       The car must have ¼-inch clearance under the entire length and width of the car.

7.     Starting Gate.

·       No portion of the car is to extend past the starting peg.

8.     Attachments.

·       The car must be freewheeling, with no starting devices.

9.     Body.

·       Drilling axle holes is allowed as long as the wheel position does not protrude past the block on either end.

10.  Paint.

·       No cars with wet paint or sticky surfaces will be accepted for racing.

Wheels and Axle Assembly:

1.      Only the wheels supplied with the official Cub Scout derby kit may be used. Cars with modified or old-style wheels will be disqualified.

2.      Wheels must not be modified including the contact area to the track surface; the wheel surface must remain flat.

3.      You may not narrow the wheels, reduce the diameter or round them to reduce surface friction nor lighten wheels by drilling holes in them (material may be removed on inside, but all lettering must remain on outside of wheels)

4.      Burrs on the wheels may be removed and imperfections may be sanded smooth.

5.      Wheel bearings, washers, bushings, and modifications to the axle holes are prohibited.

6.      The car shall not ride on any type of springs.

7.      Burrs on the axles may be removed and polished if desired. No other modifications such as grooving, tapering, etc… are permitted!

8.      Dry Lubricant can be applied only to the axle wheel area. No application of lubricant is permitted on exposed surfaces of the wheels.

9.      Axle wheel covers are prohibited. (I.E. putting hubcaps on to keep the wheel axles full of lubricant).


1.      Please encourage your Cub Scout to really make a good effort to build their Pinewood Derby racer. The Pinewood Derby requires Cub Scouts to learn the craft skills to build the car, as well as understand the rules of the event.

2.      Perhaps even more important though, is that Cub Scouts need to understand how to behave and act during the event.  They need to be good sportsmen and realize that they did their best and must not feel jealous, or envious of their fellow competitors.

3.      All adults and scouts are expected to have respect for one another and the competition. Any person acting in a non-sportsman like manner will have their pinewood derby car disqualified.

4.      The race officials are volunteers for this event. Please respect their decisions. Arguing with race officials is considered non-sportsman like conduct. 

March Overnight Option: Pioneer Farm Overnight

12PM Saturday, March 24, 2018 to 9:30AM Sunday, March 25, 2018

Living History and Farm Experience

Pioneer Farm SignUp

Join Pack 428 for an overnight journey back in time at the Pioneer Farm in Eatonville, WA. In a “Hands On” living history tour, try your hand at daily chores; jump in the hay, collect eggs, milk a cow or goat, pet animals, grind wheat, work a butter churn and more, while touring our cabins, barn, forge and woodshop.

 Pioneer Folklore/Craft: Bring the past to life with true stories of pioneer adventures. We will play real pioneer games and make a craft from that era.

 Nature Trail: We will walk a forested path on the Ohop Valley Hillside and learn how to identify native plants. Learn how they were used for nutrition, medicine, tools and even clothing.

 Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 12 PM to 9:30 AM, Sunday, March 25

 Cost is $20 per family. We do need an exact count so all attendees must be signed up. Please make checks payable to Pack 428.

All children over age 5 are invited to attend! Any solo scouts need to be approved in advance and have a den leader in attendance who is willing to be responsible for the scout.

 We are responsible for all our own meals, their preparation, and cooking and serving utensils. Pack a sack lunch for the first day. We will plan on making chili and cornbread for dinner and a quick grab a go breakfast with hot chocolate. Any adults willing to help out with meal prep would be appreciated! I will create a signup for food items as well.  Please make note in the signup of any allergies and we will try and accommodate. In addition, Pioneer Farm Staff will help us prepare two snacks: a pioneer style popcorn with our own hand churned butter and hot apple cider!

 Directions: Pioneer Farm Museum 7716 Ohop Valley Road East, Eatonville, Washington 98328

 From the East Side: Follow Hwy. 167(Valley Freeway) South to Hwy. 161 South(Meridian South), appoximately 25 miles. Turn Right onto Ohop Valley Road, Turn Right onto Ohop Valley Road East(this is the second right)

 There are large brown with white signs before each turn off.

 For Everyone:

 Bring lunch for the first day, rain gear, flashlight, sleeping bag, hand towel and toiletries. Wear appropriate clothing, especially comfortable walking shoes and an extra sweater or jacket. The farm grounds will be muddy. Bring extra socks and hiking shoes or boots, rain gear, long pants, and cold weather clothing.

 Keep in mind this is a rustic facility. Pioneer Farm is just that: no indoor bathroom facilities, sleeping in the cabin and food cooked by fire outdoors. Preserve the experience by stressing the fun and awe of “roughing it” as did the pioneers.

 Note for Adults:

 The Pioneer Living Experience is carefully scheduled and presented in a way that gives the children an optimum learning opportunity. This goal is achieved only with the cooperation of the parent chaperones. We realize the natural desire of parents to be involved in their children’s education, which we applaud and encourage. However, without forethought, adults can unintentionally disrupt this learning opportunity.

 Please: Take part in all the programs, but do not answer questions asked. These are directed to the children. Set a good example by following the rules. Do not talk during a presentation, even if you are standing in the back of a group. Do not give your child permission to go places or do things without first checking with the Pioneer Farm Staff. Stay within the farm boundaries. Do not do chores for the children. Supervise them and let them do the best they can.


 12:00 Arrival, registration, lunch, buggy ride

1:00 Introduction/Orientation

1:30 Nature Walk

2:30 Craft  project

3:00 Cabin Tour

4:00 Barn Tour (adults start fire and meals)

5:00 Chores & place bedding in sleeping area

5:30 Supper by the Fire

6:30 Make popcorn and apple cider

7:30 Pioneer games

8:00 Stories & songs in cabin by fire

9:00PM Bedtime

7:00AM Breakfast

8:00 Barn chores

9:00 Stubbs Cabin and wrap up

9:30 Trading Post/Gift Shop

 March Pack Outing:  Scouting for Food

Saturday, March 31th 1pm-4pm at the Totem Lake Fred Meyer


This is BSA’s national campaign to collect food for our local food banks and make a difference in our community! Food banks are typically at their lowest levels this month and this is a fun and simple way we can help out!  We are mixing things up a bit and having our Scouting for Food event a little later than the national event so that we do not compete with Girl Scout cookie sales.

 Scouts sign up for a one hour time slot between 1pm and 4pm at the Totem Lake Fred Meyer.  We need four uniformed scouts and two parent supervisors for each hour split between the two doors. We hand out shopping lists to shoppers as they enter the store and then collect the food that they purchase. We can also accept cash donations. It is a great opportunity for scouts to share their enthusiasm for scouting and practice politely asking for donations. The last group of the day helps pack up the food collected and it is all taken to HopeLink.

 SIGN UP: Scouting for Food

 Questions?  Please contact Jeff Nelson.

 April Pack Outing: Earth Day Stewardship Event at Bridle Trails State Park

Saturday, April 21 from 9:00am – 12:00pm

We will be participating in an Earth Day 2016 event at Bridle Trails State Park on Saturday, April 21 from

9:00 am to noon.

It’s a great opportunity to celebrate Earth Day and help our community!

We will meet at the main parking lot area off 116th Ave NE. There is plenty of parking but because this is

state park property, a Discover Pass is required to park. If you don’t already have one I encourage you to purchase one, as the sale of $30 Discover Passes provides much of the Parks’ revenue.

Be sure to bring your boots, gloves, and hand pruners

A free pizza lunch will be provided for those who want to stay after their hard work. There will be water and snacks during the event as well.

All scouting ranks require community service or a community clean-up project ~ this is a fun way

to get those projects in. The boys love pulling ivy and digging in the dirt!

SIGN UP is coming soon!

Please contact John Weale with any questions.


Each of you should have received an invitation to login This is how we are tracking rank advancements this year and it allows parents to login to their accounts and add achievements as your scout completes them. This should make things much easier for your den leaders so please take some time to familiarize yourselves with the website and begin tracking your son’s progress.

Pack 428 has its own website at

Keep up to date on events and activities! Our calendar and all the pack events and activities will be posted on this site. This year we will be making an effort to get the individual den events and activities posted as well.

If you are interested in helping maintain this website, please let us know, as we could use the help!

Pack 428 is on Facebook!!

Our FB page is a “Closed” group, so please request permission to join!  We would love to see you all there! We also frequently post photos from our various events on our FB page.  We encourage you to check them out!

Pack 428 2017-2018 Calendar

Below are the currently scheduled pack events.  Changes from month to month will be marked with an asterisk * and highlighted inRED. We still have many events without a volunteer to help organize. Please contact me if you are interested!

February 2018

3         Pack Outing: Snow! – HYAK Sledding Hill

23 (Friday) Pack Meeting 6:00-8:00pm: Blue & Gold Dinner, Friends of Scouting Presentation

26        Leader/Committee Meeting @ Lake Washington United Methodist Church, Rm 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm

March 2018

21       Pack Meeting 6:30pm-8:00pm: Pinewood Derby!

24-25  Overnight Adventure: Pioneer Farm in Eatonville

26       Leader/Committee Meeting @ Lake Washington United Methodist Church, Rm 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm

31       Pack Outing: 1PM – 4PM Scouting for Food at Totem Lake Fred Meyer

April 2018

18       Pack Meeting 7:00pm–8:00pm: Awards Presentation, Paper Airplanes

21       Pack Outing: Bridle Trails Earth Day Restoration Project

30       Leader/Committee Meeting @ Lake Washington United Methodist Church, Rm 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm

May 2018

16        Pack Meeting 7:00pm-8:00pm:  Awards Presentation and Rocket Building Workshop

18-20  Spring Campout: Tolt MacDonald Park

TBD     Pack Outing:  Rocket Launch at 60 Acres Park

June 2018

4         Leader/Committee Meeting @ Lake Washington United Methodist Church, Rm 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm

13       Pack Meeting:  Picnic & Awards Ceremony

22-24  Pack Outing:  Family Camp- Lake Wenatchee State Park: North Campground

July 2018

–          No Leader Meeting in July

–          Pack Meeting: No Pack Meeting in August

TBD    Pack Outing:  Day Camp- Need Volunteer Organizer

26-29    Pack Outing:  Camp Edward Residence Camp in July or August – Need Volunteer Organizer

August 2018

–          No Leader Meeting in August

–          Pack Meeting:  No Pack Meeting in August

TBD    Pack Outing:  Hike

TBD    Pack Outing: Bike Ride