Day Camp Registration

Day Camp Registration
Day Camp Website

First go to registration then sign-in or create an account.  After you sign-in you’ll see the “Main Screen” page (pictured below, but it won’t have the bottom line or the red arrows with numbers).  In order to sign up you’ll need to:

  1. Click on “New Registration Forms” (1 below), which opens a menu.
  2. Click on “Cub Scouts” (2 below). which opens a registration form.
    1. Fill out the form.  To reserve a spot I think you just need to fill out the basics like name, address, rank, contact info and sign.  Then you can click on the “Youth” (4 below) to edit and update form with remaining info.
  3. Click on the Visa/MasterCard button (3 below) to pay for Day Camp.

Then finish the Cub Scout registration form and also register yourself or spouse as an “Adult Volunteer” (5 below).  Note: Parents are required to volunteer for at least one of the days their son(s) will be attending camp, since the camp is run entirely by volunteers.

Cub Scout Day Camp Registration directions.png
Note: The above image has username, scout name and emails greyed out for privacy reasons.