Pack Newsletter – April 2018

Hello, everyone! What a fun month we had! Our cars raced, there were winners and losers and a fun time had by all. At least your cars all made it down the track! A fail for one of my cars! Those of you who were the lucky winners at both the den level or overall, … Continue reading Pack Newsletter – April 2018

Summer Camps 2018

Hello Scouting Families! It is officially time to sign up for our summer BSA camps!!  Our summer camps are a HUGE highlight for our scouts and are often listed as some of their favorite scouting experiences!  We’d like to encourage everyone to try one or more out this summer, as there is something out there for everyone! The … Continue reading Summer Camps 2018

Pack Newsletter – March 2018

Hello families! I can’t believe it, but spring is just about here, and it is time to start thinking about recruiting! If you love scouts, let your friends know how much fun we have! New families are always welcome at our pack meetings and activities! We even have wheeled bases for the pinewood derby so … Continue reading Pack Newsletter – March 2018

Pack Newsletter – February 2018

This one is long, so I apologize and will get right to it! Happy Birthday to Scouting! This is the month we celebrate scouting with our annual Blue and Gold dinner. But at the same time, we say goodbye to several of our families and leaders as our Webelo II boys crossover to Boy Scouts. To … Continue reading Pack Newsletter – February 2018

Pack Newsletter – December 2017

Well, after a month of climbing and fitness skills, I hope our scouts are ready to take on a service project tomorrow. We had 20 of our 30 spots filled for Food Lifeline before the signup closed so that they could ensure they had enough volunteers to work their warehouse on Saturday morning. I know … Continue reading Pack Newsletter – December 2017

Pack Newsletter – November 2017

Welcome to a new month of Scouting! We have a new cubmaster to announce! Chris Gray has volunteered to lead our pack as we move into the new year. Chris was an eagle scout back in his day and his son, Logan just joined our pack last spring and can be found in our Wolf … Continue reading Pack Newsletter – November 2017