All Cub Scout Packs are made up of several dens that are organized by grade level.  Each den is lead by one or more trained adult leaders and usually meets twice a month, once for a meeting and once for an outing. Den meetings are an excellent opportunity for scouts to work on their badge requirements. Like all cub scout events and meetings, a parent or guardian (or designated substitute) is expected to attend den meetings with the scout.

The Dens of Pack 428:

Lions – Den 3 (Boys) – Kindergarten – Tomas Velasquez
Tigers – Den 4 (Boys) – 1st Grade, Volunteer leader needed
Lions/Tigers – Den 10 (Girls) – Kindergarten/1st Grade – Volunteer leader needed
Wolves – Den 5 (Boys) – 2nd Grade, Leader Amanda Howell
Bears – Den 6 (Boys) – 3rd Grade, Leader John Weale, Assistant Leader Jason Christensen
Wolves/Bears I – Den 7 (Girls) – 2nd/3rd Grade, Leader Adell Lichtenberg, Assistant Leader Melinda Gray
Webelos I – Den 1 (Boys) – 4th Grade, Leader Nate Payne
Webelos II – Den 2 (Boys) – 5th Grade, Leader Ping Rodriguez
Webelos I & II – Dens 8 & 9 (Girls) 4th/5th, Leader Gary Catlin, Assistant Leader Chris Hackmann

New scouts will be connected with their dens upon joining the pack. If you have questions about a specific den before you join the pack, please contact us to be put in touch with the den leader.