February 2023 Newsletter

February Pack Meeting: Mad Science                Wednesday, February 15, 6:30pm, Ben Rush Elementary Commons Join Mad Science as we investigate the signs of a chemical reaction in our spectacular “Fizz. Pop. BOOM!” show. In order to discover new things and how things work, scientists conduct experiments looking for either a physical or chemical change. But how can … Continue reading February 2023 Newsletter

January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year! We are excited to embark on a new year of scouting. We have several fun events coming up, and we are eager to get back together as a pack.  We had over 50 cards and 20 snowflakes, as well as a few hand-written letters to deliver to the residents of Emerald Heights Retirement … Continue reading January 2023 Newsletter

September 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to a new year of scouting in Pack 428! We are excited to start up our pack meetings again on the third Wednesday of each month at Ben Rush Elementary. The upcoming pack meeting on September 21st is our official start to a new year and our Joining Night, where we welcome new families … Continue reading September 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter

Congratulations to our Arrow of Lights who crossed over to Troop 572 at our May pack meeting. We wish you the best of luck in whatever lies ahead! Congratulations as well to all the scouts (and especially parents) who survived our muddy camping weekend at Tolt MacDonald. Despite the rain, I think it was a … Continue reading June 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

Pinewood Derby was a success! A few fun facts: * Number of entries: 59 * You guys made some FAST cars! All of the top 3 cars flew down the ramp at a speed over 18 MPH, All of the top 16 cars traveled over 17 MPG.  * The time difference between the first two … Continue reading May 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS AWESOME SCOUTS on the food drive! Our scouts collected almost 700 lbs of food – most given to the Issaquah Food Bank and some donated to the Auburn Food Bank. This surpassed anything we’ve done in prior years. Thanks again, Hang Cu, for organizing us. Also, a big shout out … Continue reading April 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

Our scouts had a great time with Joe from the Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpretive Center. We walked through rain forest, flood plain and river bank and learned all about the eagles, salmon and forest. We have a LOT of activities ahead – opportunities for service, learning and fun. Please join us! In this issue: … Continue reading March 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter

I heard a report that Winter Camp was awesome! We hope to be able to continue attending this event in the future. As we head into 2022, please keep your eyes open for opportunities to help out. This month, we need a parent to organize our February outing – hopefully on a guided eagle walk. … Continue reading February 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year! We are excited to embark on a new year of scouting. We have several fun events coming up, and we are eager to get back together as a pack. Thanks to those of you who sent cards to the Emerald Corwin Center. I’m sure they added joy to their holidays. In this … Continue reading January 2022 Newsletter