Pack 428 Leadership

It takes many dedicated volunteers to keep our pack running throughout the year. Below is a list of the volunteers that have stepped up to fill a key position and lead the pack to a successful year.

All leaders go through training for each position, including Youth Protection, provided by the BSA. We are always in need of more help. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please contact Chris Hackmann.

Cubmaster: Chris Gray
Assistant Cubmaster: Volunteer Needed
Lions – Den 3 (Boys) – Kindergarten, Leader Tomas Velasquez
Tigers – Den 4 (Boys) – 1st Grade, Leader Phil Allen
Lions/Tigers – Den 10 (Girls) – Kindergarten/1st Grade, Leader Lisa Guthrie
Wolves – Den 5 (Boys) – 2nd Grade, Leader Amanda Howell
Bears – Den 6 (Boys) – 3rd Grade, Leader John Weale, Assistant Leader Jason Christensen
Wolves/Bears I – Den 7 (Girls) – 2nd/3rd Grade, Leader Adell Lichtenberg, Assistant Leader Melinda Gray
Webelos I – Den 1 (Boys) – 4th Grade, Leader Nate Payne
Webelos II – Den 2 (Boys) – 5th Grade, Leader Ping Rodriguez
Webelos I & II – Dens 8 & 9 (Girls) 4th/5th, Leader Gary Catlin, Assistant Leader Ian Slutz
*Note: Since Arrow of Light Scouts (Webelos II) cross over to Scouts in March, the Den Leaders also frequently leave the pack at the same time.

Committee Chair: Chris Hackmann
Committee Treasurer: Steve Donahue
Committee Awards Chair: Diogo Haas
Recruiting: Melinda Gray
Charter: Chris Hackmann
Communications: Miriam Schmidt
District Executive: Koby McInnis
Chartered Organization Rep: Mark Nelson

For a description of each position see Pack Leader Positions page.