Pack Leader Positions

The pack has many volunteer leader positions that ensure the pack run smoothly through out the year. Below is a list of positions with a brief description of the responsibilities.

There will be a den leader and usually an assistant den leader for each den.

Cubmaster: Run the monthly pack meetings and residence camp.
Assistant Cubmaster: Help the Cubmaster run pack meetings and residence camp.
Den Leader: Run the den meetings and outings. Coordinate parent involvement at the individual den level. Present den awards at pack meetings.
Assistant Den Leader: Help the den leader run den meetings and outings.
Committee Chair: Run monthly leadership meetings and send minutes. Coordinate parent involvement at the pack level.
Committee Treasurer: Collect and deposit checks and cash, write checks, review monthly bank statements, and prepare quarterly budget reports.
Committee Awards Chair: Collect info from den leaders, enter in PackMaster software, and print a shopping list. Buy awards from scout store, or delegate the shopping. Organize awards in snack baggies for the pack meeting.
Committee Membership Chair: Prepare and distribute new scout packets. Collect paperwork and dues. Submit applications to the district as scouts join throughout the year.
Committee Recharter Chair: Attend October round table meeting to pick up the recharter packet. Complete the charter application. Bring the paperwork and a check to the November round table meeting.
Committee Communications Chair: Create and send monthly newsletters and event emails.
Committee Events Chair: Research outing options. Make reservations and deposits. Ensure that someone takes attendance for segments. Delegate as needed.
Committee Training Chair: Track the training the leaders take. Research training options. Remind leaders who need to take required training.

In addition to the above pack volunteer position, there are two position fulled externally.

Executive Officer: Representative from the Chief Seattle Council staff.  Provides council and district resources to the pack and communicates council news and updates to the pack leadership.
Chartered Organization Representative: Helps the pack be successful and to provide coordination between the chartered organization and the pack.