Subscribe to Pack Calendars

We highly recommend you subscribe to the pack calendars so you automatically stay up to date on the upcoming events.

By subscribing to the packs calendars you can see the packs schedule along side your family and work schedules and get notifications on your phone, tablet and computer.

The best way to subscribe to our calendars is on your email/calendar account, like Gmail or  This way the pack calendars will automatically sync to all your devices.

Below are instructions for subscribing to the pack calendars on popular email and devices. Dens that use online calendars will have them listed and linked on each den’s page.

Gmail/Google account (Gmail):
  • Add calendar to Gmail/Google links: Pack Calendar or Pack Leadership Calendar
  • Steps:
    • Touch/Click the above calendar link
    • Sign into your gmail account if needed
    • You’ll be ask if you want to add the calendar, say “yes, add this calendar”
Outlook/Hotmail account (
iPhone/iPad/iOS Calendar (iOS):
  • Add calendar to iPhone/iPad: Pack Calendar or Pack Leadership Calendar
  • Note: If you’ve added the calendar to your email account, they should already be synced to your iPhone/iPad.
  • Steps:
    • Touch the above calendar link
    • Press subscribe button
Other devices, apps or email accounts (copy-link):
  • Copy link to Calendar: Pack Calendar or Pack Leadership Calendar
  • Steps:
    • Copy the calendar link above (either right click or press-and-hold on the link then choose copy)
    • Search on the internet to find out how to “subscribe to iCal” for the device or app your using
Additionally since most of the Scouts go to a school in the Lake Washington School District, we’ve added a link to the and how to subscribe below.
Lake Washington School District Calendar: