Pinewood Derby Rules

2019 Pinewood Derby Rules for Pack 428


  1. The inspectors have the right to disqualify those cars that do not meet these specifications and for any other reason that constitutes foul play.
  2. All cars must pass inspection by the official inspection committee before it will be allowed to compete.
  3. All cars must have been made during the current scouting year from the official Cub Scout derby kit.
  4. Wheel axles may be lubricated with dry lubricant only! No oily substances are allowed.
  5. Post-race inspections may be conducted on all winning cars. This may include removing one or more of the wheels to inspect for illegal axle modifications.

Body Specifications:

  1. Width: The overall width of the car shall not exceed 2 ¾ inches.
  2. Length: The overall length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.
  3. Weight: The weight of the car shall not exceed (5 ounces / 142 grams). No loose materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car. The car may be hollowed out and built up to the maximum weight by the addition of wood or metal only, provided any such additional material is securely built into the body. Weight should be screwed, or glued on. They cannot be taped on, if additional weight is needed at checking you must use glue or some other permanent means of attachment.
  4. Details: Details such as the steering wheel, driver, decals, painting and interior detail are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications.
  5. Wheel Clearance:The clearance between the wheels must be 1-¾ inches for both axels.
  6. Track Clearance: The car must have ¼-inch clearance under the entire length and width of the car.
  7. Starting Gate: No portion of the car is to extend past the starting peg.
  8. Attachments: The car must be freewheeling, with no starting devices.
  9. Body: Drilling axle holes is allowed as long as the wheel position does not protrude past the block on either end.
  10. Paint: No cars with wet paint or sticky surfaces will be accepted for racing.

Wheels and Axle Assembly:

  1. Only the wheels supplied with the official Cub Scout derby kit may be used. Cars with modified or old-style wheels will be disqualified.
  2. Wheels must not be modified including the contact area to the track surface; the wheel surface must remain flat.
  3. You may not narrow the wheels, reduce the diameter or round them to reduce surface friction nor lighten wheels by drilling holes in them (material may be removed on inside, but all lettering must remain on outside of wheels)
  4. Burrs on the wheels may be removed and imperfections may be sanded smooth.
  5. Wheel bearings, washers, bushings, and modifications to the axle holes are prohibited.
  6. The car shall not ride on any type of springs.
  7. Burrs on the axles may be removed and polished if desired. No other modifications such as grooving, tapering, etc… are permitted!
  8. Dry Lubricant can be applied only to the axle wheel area. No application of lubricant is permitted on exposed surfaces of the wheels.
  9. Axle wheel covers are prohibited. (I.E. putting hubcaps on to keep the wheel axles full of lubricant).


  1. Please encourage your Cub Scout to really make a good effort to build their Pinewood Derby racer. The Pinewood Derby requires Cub Scouts to learn the craft skills to build the car, as well as understand the rules of the event.
  2. Perhaps even more important though, is that Cub Scouts need to understand how to behave and act during the event.  They need to be good sportsmen and realize that they did their best and must not feel jealous, or envious of their fellow competitors.
  3. All adults and scouts are expected to have respect for one another and the competition. Any person acting in a non-sportsman like manner will have their pinewood derby car disqualified.
  4. The race officials are volunteers for this event. Please respect their decisions. Arguing with race officials is considered non-sportsman like conduct.