Posting an Event

Follow these steps when posting an event:

  1. Copy the post template:
    1. Single day event template – any single day event or day camp.
    2. Multi day event template – any overnight event, like camping or residence camp
  2. Add Categories & Tags (left column):
    1. Categories: Event Info
    2. Tags: [Pack Year, like “2016-2017”], [Event kind, like “Day Camp”, “Sledding”, “Hike”).
      1. Tagging the right Event kind will allow the event to appear on the specific event page if there is one.
  3. Add event to pack calendar:
    1. Link back to Event page or post.
  4. For events with limited spots, create a signup on either or
    1. steps:
      1. Sign-in or create a new account
      2. Click on Dashboard
      3. Click “Create new SignUp” button (orange)
      4. Fill out new signup form:
        1. Signup Kind = “Single or Multiple Days”
        2. Category = “Kids’ Extracurricular (Music, Scouts, …)”
        3. Name = <Clear name of event>
        4. Welcome Message = <Short description with website link>
        5. Location = Add location of event
        6. Open up “What Information Do You Want From Participants”, then add “Cub Scout’s Name” to Field Name
      5. Click Next
      6. Click “Create New Spot”
      7. Create at least one spot for number allowed/needed at the time and date
      8. Click Next or Skip through each step until you get to the Invite page (with “Preview SignUp” button)
      9. Expand the “Create a Link” and copy the http:\\ address to paste into the event post.
  5. Link back to Event page or post